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An old friend died last week; a massive heart attack at age forty for absolutely no clear reason. He and his wife had just decided to uproot and float with no real agenda: Australia as a first stop, but then, who knows, beyond not returning to their longtime island home. He died while writing a […]

Tue 14 August 2007 | link

things I evidently have difficulty learning

If the lawn mower will not start, it is because it doesn’t have enough gas. This applies even if I’ve peered in the gas tank and it appears to be full to the top and I say, loudly, that the gas cannot possibly be the problem. The fruit punch at Artic Circle is very tasty, […]

Thu 29 June 2006 | link

spam subject line poetry

I think this is a good thing to look into noah One and all will realize you have “Arrived” We’ve got a powerful lawn tractor with your name on it. One and all will understand you have MADE IT Based on the same concept as the clown car. Everyone will realize you have Arrived If […]

Fri 07 October 2005 | link

consistently all wet

I think I do my best thinking and writing in the shower, but my evidence for that is not so much what actually gets out of my head and onto paper, but the times when I turn off the shower, get my towel, and then realize the hard way that I was so distracted that […]

Fri 09 September 2005 | link

fortunes in my wallet

I just cleaned out my wallet as I moved into a new one – parts of the old one being held together by just three threads – and I decided it was time to remove the years of fortune cookie fortunes that were piled up, blocking a portrait of Winnie the Pooh and Chistropher Robin […]

Sat 16 July 2005 | link

ordering instructions

If you find yourself in a small country diner on the edge of a small farming town, and if you look around and nearly everyone has a lemonade on their table, and you look at the menu and see that it says: Lemonade (in season) … here’s a tip for you: order lemonade.

Tue 05 July 2005 | link

boston cell phone pie

Overheard cell phone conversation fragment #1 – a young woman walking quickly: “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were in a sex shop.” Overheard cell phone conversation fragment #2 – a man about fifty pacing in front of a store: “I don’t like being associated with this family, so the next time I see you, […]

Wed 08 June 2005 | link