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asking the big questions

How come “five and dime” brings back memories of being a kid in a candy store, of plastic bins full of toy soldiers, of Woolworth’s and superballs and packs of baseball cards, although I mostly bought my trading cards from the ice cream man, but “nickel and dime” brings … nothing of the sort?

Sat 05 May 2007 | link

elk for two

At a house not far from me there is a truck with the license plate ELK FOR TWO, and I know they mean it – now and then something wrapped up hangs from a tree in their yard, although I have no idea if it’s an elk or a deer. (Actually, based on the sizes […]

Sat 08 October 2005 | link

arrr… errr

Somehow, for just a moment, I got Talk Like A Pirate Day and The Wizard of Oz cross-connected in my head, and I thought “avaste ye, my pretties” … and that’s just not right.

Mon 19 September 2005 | link

signs of larger problems

I like Oroweat but I’m not often up for spending $3.50 for a loaf of bread unless the person selling it to me baked it themselves (hello, Great Harvest) so I was pleased to see my favorite Oroweat variety on sale for $1.48. I was immediately flooded with regret, however, that I’d just the day […]

Fri 09 September 2005 | link

pimp my cadillac

I expect to see cars like Cadillacs in handicapped spaces; I do not expect to see lowered Cadillacs with pimped-out chrome wheels in handicapped spaces. Particularly not in Idaho.

Sun 13 February 2005 | link

that’s not a vacation

On a plane the other day I saw three women together – maybe late 20’s, jeans, good shoes without heels; it seemed likely they were three old college friends, maybe heading for a weekend of skiing. But one women was reading a book with a title like “Leadership and Self-Deception: Breaking Out of the Box” […]

Sun 30 January 2005 | link