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the always-growing sad

Maybe this only makes sense if you’ve got kids, I don’t know. But every day I’m a little bit sad that it’s the last day my kids will be this exact age.

Wed 05 March 2008 | link

if only we could

“There’s a tumbleweed in our yard!” reported my four and a half year old girl. She thought for a second about this, then: “Should we throw it out, or should we fly to the old west and give it to a cowboy?”

Sat 06 October 2007 | link

passing through

The baby woke up crying, and would not be consoled with milk; he did not need new pants; he only wanted to be held. Often he’ll just go back to sleep in my arms, but tonight he only wanted to look around in the quiet light of a twenty watt bulb, seeing things he knows […]

Thu 26 July 2007 | link

other names for my 14 month old son

Twist n Shout Bam-Bam T-Rex Spider Monkey Sir Gentle with the Kitty

Sat 23 June 2007 | link

new magical strawberry toothpaste

My three year old jumps up and down every night at the prospect of brushing with her “new magical strawberry toothpaste.” I always smile: it’s hardly new now – it’s been months – and while it’s the most perfect of fakes, I bet it has nothing to do with real strawberry. But for some reason, […]

Sun 23 July 2006 | link

birth, rebirth

My son was born six weeks ago, in the same room his sister was born in three years earlier, almost to the day. There’s a good story around it, involving a police officer pulling a gun on a dog in my yard right before we head to the hospital, but that will have to wait […]

Sun 04 June 2006 | link

home is where

My twenty month old daughter loves the airport, because it’s a big indoor place to run around, and so she didn’t notice at first that I had gone to get on a flight. But concern set in when it was time to leave the parking lot. Full of concern she pointed at the terminal and […]

Mon 24 January 2005 | link

flying dogs

When my 20 month old is playing with her Playschool town, she often makes the dog fly the helicopter. Evidently the only license necessary is one for an adult to use their imagination so freely. I should get apply for one of those.

Mon 17 January 2005 | link