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be kind, rewind

Last week I switched from cable to satellite; the quality difference (for essentially the same price) is incredible. I got a dual tuner DVR as part of the deal, so we can watch recorded shows in either room from just one box. Sometimes technology can still astonish me. Tonight I rewired my television and all […]

Thu 05 October 2006 | link

that pale blue dot is no moon, that’s… oh never mind

I just discovered – after three years of living here – that the living room television reflects off a large framed photo on one side of the hall, then off a photo on the other side, slips through the bedroom door that is open for cat access, and bounces off the front glass of the […]

Fri 27 January 2006 | link

because i can

I’m posting this from my laptop while out on tour on the east coast, using my cell phone as a modem. Just because I can. It’s not a fast connection but it does the job, and it’s pretty solid – I spent 45 minutes or so online last night while we drove down I476 in […]

Sun 30 January 2005 | link