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international house of cookies

It got too late last night to make the brownies we planned for a splurge, so we scavenged some cookies: one chocolate chip cookie from Subway (free for them being out of two kinds of bread and without internet and thus incapable of taking credit cards, debit cards, or subway cards) (I originally typed that […]

Mon 05 March 2007 | link

new heights in domestic satisfaction

I decided the little bit of roast beef I had left wasn’t really enough for lunch, even if it was still good, which was a gamble. I tossed it, and went to see what there was I could finish up so I didn’t feel I was wasting things. I had the last bit of orange […]

Wed 08 March 2006 | link


I don’t buy many new books these days – I think I may well have forgotten how to read – but the other day I bought a book autographed by a dog, partially because it’s a travelogue and I like those, but mostly so I can say I own a book autographed by a dog.

Fri 18 March 2005 | link

office jobs

I’d like to thank Burger King and their ad agency for the series of ads of office workers and their brought-in-from-BK lunch adventures for making me happy to not have an office job. I wouldn’t mind a steady check, some structure, a 401k, and health insurance, but I understand those are getting pretty rare anyway. […]

Sat 19 February 2005 | link

boston creme pie

If they’d named Boston Creme Pie properly – say, Boston Creme Pie Sorta But Mostly Really Cake In A Pie Shell – I’d have tried it years ago. Although you could skip the Boston and Creme parts completely, bake a cake in a pie shell, and you’ve have my attention, and it wouldn’t matter what […]

Mon 14 February 2005 | link

how to pick a sandwich

How to pick a sandwich in a deli or sandwich shop you’ve never been to: If there is a sandwich named after the restaurant. If there is one called “classic” or “original”. If it’s not a chain but they’ve trademarked a sandwich name. If it’s the only one highlighted in a box on the menu. […]

Mon 31 January 2005 | link

walmart parking

The other day we got the closest legal non-handicapped parking space at the Wal-Mart. Felt for a moment like I’d won a lottery. Not a full blown multimilliondollar lottery, of course – but maybe two bucks on one of those scratch games. My life isn’t THAT pathetic.

Mon 17 January 2005 | link