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vaguely irritated

I hate it when I make rookie mistakes, even if for the situation in question, I really am a rookie.

Sun 11 March 2007 | link

i wonder

The Wonder Bread people (which may be simply the Wonder Bread Company, for all I know) have a new product out called “White Bread Fans” that is whole grain wheat bread but looks and tastes a lot like… well, Wonder Bread. It’s a little brown instead of pure white, but that’s the only obvious difference. […]

Sat 04 March 2006 | link

a billion darn its

I’ve been watching the countdown (countup?) to one billion songs sold on iTunes, trying to get in there and snag the grand prize (or any prize, really). I got distracted by some in-depth articles and missed my crack at the 100,000 level prize at 999,000,000 by – according to the counter – a couple of […]

Thu 23 February 2006 | link


I was prepared to make three grocery stops tonight – Costco, for some Costco-sized things; Walmart, for nearly everything else, and Winco, for a squeeze bottle of Best Foods mayo. That’s Hellmann’s if you’re east of the Rockies, and why they don’t call it that out here is beyond me. and are the […]

Wed 18 January 2006 | link

i want my hour back

Here I am, not much more than halfway into my bonus hour, and I am tired. Tired not like it’s 1:41am, but tired like it’s 2:41 am. This hardly seems fair at all. In fact, if you consider that this is not really a bonus hour at all, but an hour I paid for last […]

Sun 30 October 2005 | link

bad bad bee

If you’re going to get stung by a bee, make every effort to avoid what happen to me yesterday, which is to be stung by a bee ON MY SPINE. Wow that hurt.

Thu 08 September 2005 | link

one hotel truth, one proposed hotel law

True: the better the hotel, the crappier the cable TV. Also, charging $10 a day for the internet is completely bogus. Should be a hotel law: the bathroom lightswitch should light up, especially if if it’s between the heat lamp knob and the outlet with the plug for the hairdryer and thus not so easy […]

Sat 16 July 2005 | link

children’s television disappoints dad, film at 11

Higglytown Heroes is computer animation and everyone looks like those Russian nesting dolls – vaguely bowling-pin like and hollow inside. Sometimes the Higglyites (Higglyians?) will just open in the middle and take something out relevant to the task at hand – say, a bike helmet before a ride, or a squirrel. Someone always has a […]

Thu 30 June 2005 | link

lite, bah!

I accidently bought the ‘lite’ Eggo syrup and sure enough, I think it tastes wrong. Not as wrong as when I bought (on purpose) the low fat peanut butter, thought it was okay for about a quarter of a PB&J, and then realized the product would make an excellent spackling compound, but still wrong. This […]

Sun 19 June 2005 | link

but they’re really really good fries

My town is getting a Del Taco, which completely rocks not because of their tacos but because of their awesome crinkle cut french fries and we all know how few fast food chains really get the importance of crinkle cuts. I was all excited to post this, but Toni had to go and upstage my […]

Mon 02 May 2005 | link

there’s a giant plastic sunflower windmill, too

In the few minutes I spent writing the previous entry and reading a Slate story about the decline of “Trivial Pursuit” the house across the street has gained Mylar banners across several windows that declare “It’s a Girl!” eight times and pinkish streamer across the front of the house, around the door, on all the […]

Sun 17 April 2005 | link

52,000 foot landing spot

From a Reuters story: Fossett hopes to touch down back in Kansas in a little less than three days after covering 23,000 miles at altitudes of up to 52,000 feet — and is designated as an alternate landing spot for the Space Shuttle. Was this an editing error, or did a robot just string together […]

Tue 01 March 2005 | link


I watched the entire Oscars last night, and I’m still mad at myself. I used to love the movies, and I would go to a movie in a theater at least twice a week. I think I’ve seen two in the last three months. I barely even rent DVDs. I used to try to make […]

Mon 28 February 2005 | link

ice tribute

Today NBC is showing “2005 Tribute to Movies on Ice.” Perhaps the most disturbing part is the “2005” in the title. Have they actually done this before and decided it was a good enough idea to do it again? The horror, the horror…

Sun 27 February 2005 | link

bad cheese

They say you learn something new every day. Today I learned: gorgonzola sucks. My mom says it’s closely related to bleu cheese, so if you believe in guilt by association, bleu cheese sucks too. Although I bet you could tell because it’s spelled “bleu” which is weird and wrong. A moment of Googling reveals there’s […]

Fri 25 February 2005 | link

one plate

Saw a big F150 with the “Idaho Forests: Today and Tomorrow” vanity tag reading “CLEARCT” … I don’t know if I should laugh or not.

Fri 25 February 2005 | link

wallet retailing

I’ve been halfheartedly shopping for a new wallet because parts of my old one are held together by somewhere between one and three stitches. I’m won’t look too closely because I fear close examination may cause thread failure. In Penney’s I happened across some post-holiday closeout gift sets. One of them is a 3 in […]

Sat 19 February 2005 | link

pie mafia

Wisdom teeth removal (L’s, not mine) = a search for soft foods, diet be damned, and, well, it’s cheap pie month at Marie Callendar’s. You have to pay sixty cents for the pie tin deposit which just struck me as some sort of scam, but I realise now that’s how they suck you in – […]

Sun 13 February 2005 | link

top five reasons to leave you

A two disc version of Michael Mann’s Heat comes out in a week and a half; when I saw the ad I thought it was out already and was ready to run to the store. It’s not every day a top five favorite movie comes out with a special edition. I mentioned this to L. […]

Sun 13 February 2005 | link

off my lawn

I photographed a punk show the other night and I think the average age in the crowd was about fifteen and a half. Everyone had a big black X on their hand and the bar was a ghost town. I started wondering if any of them went to the junior high down the street and […]

Fri 11 February 2005 | link


When I worked in commercial production, many years ago, when one of my friends (also in commercial production) and I would watch TV and see a particuluarly lame commercial, one of us would say, “If I ever make a commercial like that, shoot me.” I can tell I’m years past that part of my life, […]

Fri 11 February 2005 | link

was i asking too much?

If you should find yourself in Albany the day after a huge blizzard on or around January 22nd and you have a good jacket but no hat or gloves, and you feel obtaining such items might be worthwhile, and if you have a Target across the street from your hotel, you may think it’s a […]

Mon 24 January 2005 | link