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The other night I had a dream, the first I can remember in years. I snuck into a concert in a baseball stadium, not for the show but to see friends on the crew, and I was dressed in a baseball uniform, an old style, from not quite a century ago perhaps. I guess there […]

Fri 11 April 2008 | link

is there a cmd-d anonymous?

I evidently have some sort of disfunction and must hit cmd-D for nearly every page I visit on the web, and if it’s good, I have to do it two or three times to be sure it took. This must have become programmed at some root level, because I’m not really aware of doing it, […]

Fri 31 August 2007 | link

shear madness

I cut off (or more accurately, had a professional cut off) 82% of my hair, which is probably 7 to 16% shorter than I’ve had done before, which completely weirded me out later in the shower when I reached behind my head to find… nothing. It was long overdue, though; I think the guy had […]

Thu 16 August 2007 | link

the latest thing

Lately, realizing I’m not getting anywhere sitting around asking hard questions and hoping for easy answers, and tiring of asking easy questions and making up hard answers, I’ve decided it’s probably better sometimes to just shut the hell up, but I can’t find anything in my manual about how to do that and not go […]

Sat 23 June 2007 | link


The other day, on the bed, an unmade pile/roll of blankets and comforters and pillows and so forth looked exactly like a manatee, complete with little tail flippers. I didn’t think “hey, that looks just like a manatee!” I didn’t think “what are the odds!” I thought “How did a manatee get way up here […]

Sun 03 June 2007 | link

sad and sadder

I’ll often open about 85 browser tabs, full of news and articles and bloggy crap and just… well, crap. Suddenly the browser will be using about 126% of available memory, everything will start crawling, and I’ll do one of three things: a) just quit the thing, b) quickly close nearly everything, read a couple, then […]

Sat 02 June 2007 | link

illegal redefinition

If I count my side of conversations in IM as writing output, I’m incredibly prolific.

Tue 20 March 2007 | link

getting fiber

My desk is cleared off enough that I can be 96.6% certain that this week my desk has eaten a Newsweek and a book of Costco coupons. I think I’m concerned about this.

Sat 03 February 2007 | link

popular saying edited to match my reality #1

Do what you love and some money, not enough but some, enough to encourage you but not enough to get by, will follow.

Wed 24 January 2007 | link

even the bread was probably fake

I saw a TV commercial last night for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I cannot make that up. This is wrong on several levels. One, pb&j needs no advertising. I mean, really. C’mon. And two… it was a combined ad pushing JIF peanut butter and Smuckers. They put the peanut butter on first then put […]

Wed 03 January 2007 | link

does it count if i use the same word 7,000 times?

I saw a statistic that says women use on average 15,000 words a day, but men only use 7,000 words. I suspect this leaves me about 6,970 words short for the day. Doh!

Wed 03 January 2007 | link

the internet is broken

I tried to add a friend’s cat as a friend on one of those little social networking sites the kids like so much. This would be the second cat; the first cat was a couple I know, using their cat as a front. That, effectively, meant I was adding my friends as, well, a friend, […]

Thu 19 October 2006 | link

fear the chicken

I need to keep better writing notes, or better yet, actually just write down what I mean to write down, when I think of it. I have a note here that says “fear the chicken” but no idea what I meant. Somehow, this is worse than when I can’t read my own handwriting.

Thu 19 October 2006 | link

owning a house is great

I’m glad to report there was nothing wrong with the drain in my bathtub that: denial a week of plunging anger a screwdriver bargaining a garden hose through the window and jammed in the drain depression a gallon of bleach five gallons of boiling water … couldn’t easily fix. I can only hope the sink […]

Thu 24 August 2006 | link

things I evidently have difficulty learning

If the lawn mower will not start, it is because it doesn’t have enough gas. This applies even if I’ve peered in the gas tank and it appears to be full to the top and I say, loudly, that the gas cannot possibly be the problem. The fruit punch at Artic Circle is very tasty, […]

Thu 29 June 2006 | link

saturday savings time

I love the “fall back” part of daylight savings – I got to waste a couple of hours watching my TV backlog – that “Real World” I missed in August really was critical – and because of the clock thing I also get a few hours to pretend to write but not really do it. […]

Sun 30 October 2005 | link

consistently all wet

I think I do my best thinking and writing in the shower, but my evidence for that is not so much what actually gets out of my head and onto paper, but the times when I turn off the shower, get my towel, and then realize the hard way that I was so distracted that […]

Fri 09 September 2005 | link

one more time

I don’t know if you’re watching “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and if you are watching if you’re willing to admit it, but I think Cameo got robbed the other night. (Howard Jones was excellent too.) The whole think has me digging through my iTunes library, finding ’80’s CDs I ripped but have never […]

Sun 19 June 2005 | link

valentine health tip

Even if you think Valentine’s Day is a crappy commercial creation of the card mafia, be assured that your girlfriend is an agent for that mafia. I won’t go into the gruesome details but wow, am I lucky to be alive.

Wed 16 February 2005 | link