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at the park

Went to a screening in the park of the Princess Bride, projected on a thirty foot screen set up in front of the bandshell. Lying on his back on the blanket, my four year old pointed straight up in the sky and said look daddy, stars! He fell asleep on me and I watched the […]

Sun 20 June 2010 | link

the color of the light

As I came to bed tonight – at 2am, early for me – I pulled the chain on the banker’s lamp on the old metal filing cabinet that serves as my bedside table, and watched the light flicker through the green glass shade. I flipped the shade to look at the bulb, wondering if it […]

Sat 29 May 2010 | link

omniscient radio

I’ve seen the anniversary of the fire coming for some weeks now; I would say I’m mostly okay with it personally, but it causes a lot of worry about my mom, my daughter, and a lot of thinking. I am already prone to too much thinking. Last week I stopped at a red light and […]

Wed 26 August 2009 | link

the light was still nice, though

A vision of perfection: I looked out my kitchen window at a sea of bamboo, the late afternoon sun, barely clearing the earth, lighting them gently from the side, a light snow drifting in the air between the reeds — wait a second – Those aren’t bamboo, those are dandelions. Very tall dandelions. Four million […]

Wed 23 May 2007 | link

three plates

Three license plates, all seen this week: FLUFY ROMANTC CLARITY

Fri 25 February 2005 | link